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Ease Wheezing
Promote Easy Breathing
Minimize Discomfort
Long-Term Respiratory Aid
Gentle Natural Healing

If your chickens are struggling with breathing issues, wheezing, or signs of respiratory discomfort, our advanced homeopathic remedy can provide effective and safe support. It was designed to promote lung health and address long-standing respiratory issues over time.

SYMPTOMS YOUR CHICKEN MAY EXPERIENCE: Addressing a spectrum of symptoms, this innovative homeopathic remedy may help with:

  • wheezing, 
  • labored breathing, 
  • and signs of respiratory discomfort. 

Specially formulated to target these issues without the use of antibiotics, it provides a natural and gentle approach to promote optimal lung health. 

Naturally solving long-standing respiratory challenges over time ensures your flock experiences a life free from persistent respiratory issues. 

FREEDOM FROM PAIN & WEAKNESS: Say farewell to wheezing and labored breathing, as this product promotes optimal respiratory function. Whether your chickens exhibit signs of respiratory distress or have long-standing issues, our remedy can help. With the use of this remedy, your chickens may experience enhanced lung health and enjoy a life without respiratory challenges. Choose our all-natural remedy and watch all your chickens breathe easier and thrive in a state of optimal respiratory well-being.

WHY CHOOSE OUR CHICKEN-BREATHING REMEDY? Support your chickens' respiratory health naturally, without using antibiotics or harsh chemicals. Our remedy is crafted based on principles to address a spectrum of respiratory concerns, providing an effective solution for your flock. Consistent use of our remedy can contribute to sustained respiratory health over time. 

Our homeopathic remedy is gentle and free from harmful side effects, making it a safe option for all chickens. It is also non-GMO, organic, and 100% natural. Remedies may be used alone or with other medical treatments as they cause no drug interactions. Give your chickens the care they deserve and help them overcome the challenges of breathing issues with our remedy. 


  1. Experience the joy of your chickens breathing with ease as our remedy actively works to help with wheezing and labored breathing. 
  2. Our specialized formula is tailored to soothe ​​and support your chickens' respiratory systems, ensuring they enjoy a life free from respiratory distress.
  3. Nurture your chickens' respiratory organs with natural healing, as our product actively promotes lung health, allowing your flock to thrive in an environment of optimal respiratory function.
  4. Our remedy is dedicated to address persistent respiratory issues over time. With the power of consistent use, your chickens may gradually overcome and recover from prolonged respiratory challenges.
  5. Our remedy, free from the potential side effects associated with conventional treatments, provides a secure and gentle path towards better respiratory well-being for your chickens.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: BelladonnaD4, Cuprum AceticumD6, DroseraD3, GrindeliaD4, PecacD5, Lobelia InflataD2. NaphthalinumD12, Yerba SantaD4

HOW TO USE THIS PRODUCT: Put one cap full of remedy into the chicken’s food or water once a day.  

PRODUCT INFORMATION: Our products have been used as traditional supportive therapy for chickens for 100+ years. These products are NOT a replacement for proper veterinary care. *Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: All of our products have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason and we do not resolve it, We will refund you 100% of the original purchase price back. Our goal is to help you and we stand behind our products.