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How we got here...

It all started with Horses, but the Squirrel was my favorite!

I’m Miro Posavec. I’m a Registered Homeopath. It’s a type of Natural Holistic medicine. And my training and experience have all been for PEOPLE.

I’m an animal lover. Don’t tell anybody. I need to keep my image as a big tough guy.

Now, I like to complain about how the dogs are always pestering me, and cats won’t leave me alone. But it’s more than cats. We’ve rescued at least a dozen baby birds, a squirrel, and helped out at a big cat rescue. The wild birds we rescued were all mockingbirds. We’ve donated to animal sanctuaries, and provide help where we can.

Let me tell you how I got started with the animals. About 20 years ago, my good friend Charley had a hobby farm. He had 7 horses, a dozen cows, some goats, chickens, ducks, cats, and a dog. A big storm came through, and his barn got damaged, and a lot of the animals got injured. The horses took the worst of it, as they panicked and hurt themselves trying to get out.

Charley calls me up to help, “Hey Miro, can you get over here, and help out? I’ve got animals that are hurt and freaked out. I called the Vet, and he told me that he’s at least a week out. This has happened all over the region, and they’re just overwhelmed.”

My response: “Charley, I’m not a Vet. I’ve got training in Holistic Homeopathy, and my experiences are entirely on people. I’m not sure how much I can help.”

Charley insisted. So, I packed up some remedies in a box, got some ointments, and drove over. We were able to get the animals calmed down. We patched up the cuts and treated the bruises. I gave them all remedies based on the symptoms they were showing, and what we could see.

A week later, the Vet came out and checked them all out. Charley calls me over to talk to the guy. The Vet was amazed at how well the animals had healed up. Charley had pictures on his phone of the horses that were all bruised and cut up from the broken glass. He had videos of the goat limping. Just a wide variety of injuries. Interestingly enough, the Vet explained that most of the other animals that he had treated were still really spooked from the storm, but Charley’s animals were just calmer and didn’t seem bothered at all.

I’ve always seen Homeopathy improve cases in people. But these were much higher level results. Was I suddenly a healing genius??? I pretended to be casual, but I was also blown away by how much the animals had improved in just a week. One of the horses had a huge cut just below his eye, and the eye itself was swollen shut, and blood red. It looked terrible, and we were expecting him to lose the eye. After the week was up, there was just a little bit of crust on the corner, but the eye was completely normal. I decided to do a little more research.

It seems that natural therapies work better on animals than on people. In some studies with CBD oil, they’ve found it to be 8 times more effective in dogs than in people. The same thing applies to Herbs, Acupuncture, and Homeopathy.

I then began to use Homeopathy to treat my own animals, and the animals we rescue. I was able to double the useful life of my big American Fox Hound, Penny. Penny had bad arthritis starting at 7 years old, and by giving her remedies, she was able to terrorize the Amazon Delivery guy until she died at 12. Our Westie, had numerous infections, and the Vet told us she would die in a few days, she survived and thrived for another 3 years with Homeopathic care.

Let me get back to the introduction. My journey to helping animals did start with horses. But my favorite animal of all? A squirrel. My daughter found him in the park. He was very friendly but extremely thin and shaky. We took him home, gave him some heavy cream in a bottle, and got him back to full strength with steady food. As he got stronger, we moved him to a tree in the yard. When I got home, he would run down the tree, climb up my leg, go to my shoulder, nibble at my neck, and make noises. I’d then go to my kitchen and he would eat some fruit with me. He was such a sweet guy. Eventually, I dropped him off at an animal sanctuary. The squirrel’s diet is really hard to replicate, as they eat such a variety of things in the wild. It’s pretty much impossible to make that happen in a house. The best part of a pet squirrel?? TINY poop!

As I already had a business that sold over 400 Homeopathic products for people, expanding the product lines into animals was an easy decision.

We always recommend that you take your animal to a qualified and experienced Veterinarian for care, and in case of emergencies. But you will find that our remedies are amazingly effective for a lot of the common issues that come up.