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Better Breath - Cats Triple Pack- Save 30%

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Natural Bad Breath Remedy for All Cats
Extra Strong Ingredients
Risk-Free Purchase
Fast Acting Formula
Completely Safe & Natural


What Causes Bad Breath Issues in Cats?

The lead cause of bad breath among cats is usually one of these two conditions: Feline Stomatitis or Gingivitis.

Gingivitis can happen when the cat’s gums get inflamed and stomatitis usually happens as a result of an inflamed mucous membrane in the back of the cat’s mouth. These two conditions can happen because of poor dental care (not brushing) or dental cleaning (done by a veterinarian).


How to Stop the Problem Before it Starts

In Order to stop the symptoms of bad breath in cats, such as bad breath, bleeding gums, redness of gums and mouth, and lack of appetite – try using our all-natural bad breath remedy for cats which will reduce unpleasant cat breath, and neutralize toxins and bacteria that cause bad breath.


Why Choose Our HealthyCat4Ever Bad Breath remedy?

Our proven all-natural and fast-acting formula helps restore healthy bacteria in the mouth and digestive system. A powerful potency ingredient Merc SolD200+200C is an excellent remedy for mouth infections, especially for stomatitis and gingivitis. Pair this natural remedy together with dental cleanings, and changes to the diet of your cat are a perfect solution to get rid of this unpleasant condition in the fastest possible time.



  • BAD BREATH RELIEF: Our all-natural organic formula helps relieve bad breath issues for cats & restores mouth and fluid balance and your cat's comfort
  • ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: Natural ingredients such as Merc SolD200+200C and Cinnamon also help to reduce inflammation of the mouth
  • NO-SIDE EFFECTS: This natural remedy can work alone or be taken while using other medications.
  • STRONG MOUTH REMEDY: It helps restore mouth balance. Relieves gingivitis, inflammation of your cat’s mouth, and inflammation stomatitis
  • CONTINUAL RELIEF: For optimal results, use this cat gum remedy for 30 days


  • Merc SolD200+200C, Illicium, Cinnamon, Aqua Rosa.

To get the best results, do this:

  • 1-2 pellets(small cats), 3-5 pellets (larger cats) by mouth, or put in the food/water. 3 times/day **Pellets don't dissolve quickly in water, and it's ok. Your pet is still getting a dose of the remedy. For best results, use for 30 days.

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