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Anxiety and Over-Reaction from Fear Formula for Cats Triple Pack- Save 30%

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Natural Remedy for a Calmer and Less Fearful Cat
Non-drowsy Relief
Minimizes Stress and Fear Responses
Easy to Use
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Effective formula: Calm anxious and fearful pets with this cat anxiety relief remedy. This all-natural cat anxiety remedy has an effective formula that deals with many types of anxiety in pets, such as generalized anxiety, separation anxiety, social anxiety, and environmental anxiety. It helps minimize stress and fear responses.

Non-drowsy relief: an all-natural remedy that provides results without causing drowsiness. Address anxiety and overreaction from fear without having to worry about a sleepy or lethargic feline.

Safe to use: our natural remedies for cats are safe to use and have no side effects. Expect improvement within 7 days. For the best results, use this cat anxiety remedy consistently for about a month.

Easy to use: Give your pet 3 to 5 pellets in their food or water. Repeat the process 3 times per day. For optimal results, use our cat anxiety relief formula for at least 30 days. The pellets don’t dissolve quickly into the water, which is normal. Your pet is still getting a dose of the remedy.

100% satisfaction guarantee: Our natural remedy for cats comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We stand behind our products and we highly value customer satisfaction.

What causes anxiety and fear in cats?

Anxiety is common not only in people but animals can also suffer from it too! Unfortunately, many of our cats suffer from anxiety, such as generalized anxiety, separation anxiety, social anxiety, and environmental anxiety. This can be the result of being abandoned by their previous owners and spending time in the shelter environment. Cats can also develop some fears and anxiety because of limited exposure to specific objects or situations while they were young.

What do anxiety and overreaction from fear look like in cats?

Fear and anxiety are natural instincts, these types of reactions in cats are meant to protect them. However, in some cases, these become more severe than they should, which can be problematic.

Anxiety and fear reactions in cats can look like withdrawal, hiding for prolonged periods of time, trembling, rolling into a ball, flattened ears, reduced activity, dilated pupils, arched back, piloerection, obsessive following, hissing, changes in the eating patterns, lethargy, destructive behavior, and extreme aggression on the other.

If your cat experiences these symptoms, don’t worry! Anxiety can be treated!

The sooner you address the issue the better. If the anxiety and overreaction from fear symptoms are not addressed, they can get worse over time.

Why should you choose our formula?

Our cat anxiety relief remedy contains a highly effective formula with ingredients that are key factors in relieving symptoms of anxiety. Great results without any drowsiness, so you don’t have to worry about an inactive cat.

This product will help your cat feel calmer and less fearful with fewer stress and fear responses to other pets or people.

The best part is that our natural product is non-invasive, and causes no side effects and no harm to your pet.

We stand behind our products and highly value customer satisfaction. So, our cat anxiety product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We have all experienced anxiety and fear at some time in our lives, we know how terrible it feels and how much we want it to stop. For a healthier happier cat, give our product a try.

How to use this product?

1-2 pellets(small cats), 3-5 pellets (larger cats) by mouth, or put in the food/water. 3 times/day **Pellets don't dissolve quickly in water, and it's ok. Your pet is still getting a dose of the remedy. 

For effective results, use the cat anxiety pills for at least 30 days. Don’t worry about the pellets not dissolving quickly into the water. This is normal. Your pet is still getting a dose of the remedy.


AconiteD7, Agaricus MusD6, AnacardiumD7, GelsemiumD5, IgnatiaD5, MoschusD12, PassifloraD1


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