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Let's assume your pet contracts tapeworm or other illness medicines to be treated. Should you check online for the appropriate medication? If you find specific drug medicine, you look further to find a cheaper brand? Are discount pet medications safe?

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Due to the high cost of prescription drugs for humans, we are sometimes forced to purchase generic drugs to save money. Does this mean the drug is not as effective? Does it mean it is less safe? There may be side effects with any medication, but it doesn't mean it isn't practical. Moreover, there are always safety factors to consider when taking a drug for the first time. Unfortunately for most of us, it boils down to trial and error.

A dog dressed as a doctor sitting at the table with some medicine.

While there may also be cost considerations when purchasing medications for pets, do we use the same methodology in determining the effects and safety of generic medications? Indeed, and just as we consult with a doctor regarding our health, we consult with a vet to ensure the medicines utilized are safe and practical at the same time.

Dog at vet.

The question as to whether or not generic pet medications are safe is a valid one. If your pet becomes ill, the vet will prescribe appropriate medication. If the drug is too expensive, you have the opportunity to ask if there is a less expensive one available, just as effective and safe. It should be a medication with very few side effects when administered over the long term.

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So, what's the point? Sometimes in an endeavor to help our sick pets, we may think that by researching the various medications online and finding one that is not only appropriate but inexpensive, we are saving money in vet bills and the more expensive medications the vet may have prescribed.  

The problem is that every pet is different; the medications prescribed by a vet depend on age, breed, and weight. Can we honestly judge what type of medication is best for our pet based on price? Do we want to take the chance that the remedy chosen is correct?

Dog looking at pills.

If we assume that generic pet medications are safe, choosing among the many online companies offering them would be excellent. The question is whether or not we, as pet owners, are qualified to make such a diagnosis and administer the medication to our beloved pets. On the other hand, if a vet recommends a discounted medication, it is appropriate to do so.  

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Just as there are unscrupulous sellers throughout the world who sell prescription medications online, tainted or consist of placebos, so too, shopping for discount pet medications without the benefit of the expertise of a vet can be a regretful experience.

Dog being examined by the vet.

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