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15 Mind Blowing Trivia About Cats You Didn't Know

15 Mind Blowing Trivia About Cats You Didn't Know

If you came across this article, it's because you are a feline lover.

The cat is an animal that causes a lot of curiosity. Either by the mysticism created by them or from their somewhat enigmatic personalities. 

In addition to the curiosities, there is a lack of knowledge about these animals, such as believing in the legend of the black cat. These untruths generate mistreatment of felines.

Healthy Animals 4ever has selected 15 curiosities about cats to show how vast and surprising the feline universe is.

Cats are the most popular pets around the world. Despite being domesticated, cats share all the characteristics of the wild cats with which they relate: they are strong cats, agile, endowed with great reflexes, keen senses, and hunting instinct, in addition to having the strong and individualistic personality that characterizes them.

They are playful, very independent, curious, and can be stubborn. Still, they are also extremely friendly and affectionate: one of the most affectionate gestures of cats is when the cat rubs its head, which they give to each other and their owners. Another sign of affection is the no less famous purr.


Let's Get To The Cat Trivia!

Cat lying.
1. On average, a cat spends 2/3 of the day sleeping. This means that in 9 years of life, only 3 years are awake. (how crazy, huh?!)

Sleepy cat, black and white.

2. A cat's brain is biologically more similar to a human's than a dog's. Both humans and cats have identical regions in the brain responsible for emotions.

3. According to a Hebrew legend, Noah prayed to God to help him protect the food from the mice in the ark. God made a lion sneeze; the cat was born from that sneeze.

Better Breath - Cats

4. Some cats even survived a 20-meter fall due to the righting reflex. Its eyes, organs, and inner ear tell the cat where it is in space so it can land on its feet. Even tailless cats have this ability.


cat jumping

5. Scientists aren't sure why a cat purrs. Many veterinarians believe that a cat purrs, causing its vocal cords to vibrate deep in its throat. To make this possible, a muscle in the larynx opens and closes the air passage 25 times per second.

Ear Nose and Throat - Cats

6. In Australia and the UK, black cats signify good luck. (finally, somewhere in the world, they are not considered bad luck)

7. A cat's ability to find its home is called "psi-travel." Experts believe that cats use the angle of sunlight to find their way or that there are magnetic cells in their brains that act like a compass.

This one is mind-blowing.

8. In just 7 years, a couple of cats and their kittens can give birth to over 420,000.

Mom cat feeding her kittens.

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9. Cats are extremely sensitive to vibrations. A cat detects an earthquake 10 to 15 minutes earlier than a human.

10. Cats don't have sweat glands on their bodies as humans do. Instead, they sweat through their paws.

11. A feline heart beats almost twice as fast as a human's: about 110 to 140 beats per minute.

12. A cat spends about 1/3 of its day grooming itself.

13. Medications like acetaminophen and aspirin are highly toxic to cats, like most houseplants.

Fortress-metabolic Strengthening Formula for Cats

14. A cat doesn't have collarbones so that it can go anywhere its head goes.

Cat inside a plastic drawer.

That last curiosity is very important, so stay tuned. 

15. Giving human food or dog food to a cat can cause malnutrition and cause illness.

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