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You may have a misunderstanding about "is a greyhound a good pet?" These dogs were bred to be hunting dogs with smooth and aerodynamic characteristics to provide speed and independence, which is the result of chasing animals without any human interaction.

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This reproduction leads to personality quirks of the breed, including the natural drive to chase. If greyhounds are allowed out without a leash, other animals in your area will be tormented by greyhounds.

two greyhounds running

This breed of dog will also instinctively fight being confined. Their need to chase will cause the dog to chase anything that moves fast. This includes animals, running children, anything. The best safeguard is to always use a leash.  

two greyhounds going for a walk

Preparing won't eliminate hereditary conduct. Notwithstanding all of this hunting impulse, the greyhound is surprising in its laziness and tranquility. They are really compliant and quiet, and a remarkable lounger. They will have cherishing characters and are fit for following orders pretty well except if they are in the psyche to pursue something. 

This astounding conduct is a consequence of rearing for quick arrivals of energy. They are meant to spot, give chase and subdue a target in mere minutes. Greyhounds spend most of the day living like a cheetah, sleeping and saving up energy for when it needs to release it. 

two lazy greyhounds sleeping on the couch

This does require the owner to be prepared to give the greyhound exercise in the event that its everyday environments don't offer it such a chance. The breed can live in a small apartment or other small confines, however, they need space to work out. The dog will have periods of extreme energy and will release it either on your terms or on his or her own terms. 

a greyhounds running fast

Pretty much every greyhound that can be adopted as a pet is a retired racer.  They are prepared for the schedule. On the off chance that you utilize the external time for work out, they may likewise involve the ideal opportunity for restroom needs too.

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By and large, the variety will offer a caring character and disposition, and they will lay around the home more often than not.

a greyhound chilling on the couch

At the point when the time has come to go out, at the specific time they are accustomed to going out, they will liven up and be ready to exercise and do what needs to be done. As a proprietor, you simply must follow everyday practice. What it comes down to is assuming you will work with an animal that will take cues from you more often than not, while it isn't in a determined state to pursue its prey. Remembering this will set you up for each of the potential challenges in the greyhound breed.


The more you understand your own needs, the better able a rescue organization will be able to match you with a suitable companion. While thinking about a greyhound, there are questions you may ask yourself. Do you want a dog that appreciates being with kids? One that will play nicely with other breeds? Or then again, perhaps one with a low prey drive who would pursue your feline? (While any canine will have an intense fascination with seeking after a cat or bunny, a greyhound is quick to the point of getting one.)

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