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Did You Know That There Are Hypoallergenic Cats?

Did You Know That There Are Hypoallergenic Cats?

Do you love cats but have allergies?

Check Out Some of The Breeds Here…

Nobody deserves to have a cat allergy. Symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion, coughing, watery eyes, and swollen skin are the most common symptoms. There is suffering and discomfort involved. Fortunately, having a cat allergy doesn't have to be a deterrent for someone who has always dreamed of adopting a cat. There are hypoallergenic cats, which are usually specific breeds of cats that are less likely to trigger allergic reactions in those who suffer from cat hair. 

We have selected the most suitable breeds for those allergic to cat hair who still want to have a pet. 

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Let's take a look!


You may have heard about the Sphynx cat. Famous for being a hairless cat, it is not difficult to imagine why this can be good company for those who want a kitty but suffer from allergies, right? 

The Sphynx is devoid of any fur, which is why it has an appearance that many consider peculiar. Still, they are great companions and super friendly. They are affectionate and love interacting with their humans, making them perfect for anyone who wants a loving companion.

Grey Sphynx cat


With a short and fine coat, these felines hardly go through the dreaded "fur shedding" phases, which is fantastic for anyone with a cat allergy. Some people may occasionally sneeze when near the kitty. But the chances of this happening are negligible since the animal sheds very little hair. It's worth investing in this type of kitten, as Siamese cats get very attached to their humans. They love being held and cuddled and will be your faithful companion.

Siamese cat lying down.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex is a breed known for shedding minimal fur, which is precisely why the Devon Rex cat is usually highly recommended for allergy sufferers. While most felines tend to have at least three coats of hair, this kitty only has an inner coat of fur, which is why this is considered a hypoallergenic breed. On top of everything else, the Devon Rex cat is also quite intelligent and has a high level of trainability. He loves to learn new tricks and doesn't get tired of playing with his family.

Devon Rex cat


The Bengal cat breed produces less Fel d 1 protein than other breeds, which is considered one of the leading causes of cat allergy. Another point in favor of the Bengal is that it experiences little hair loss, which is excellent for those who want a pet without worrying about cat dander and allergic reactions. This breed is usually quite a faithful companion and playful. They love being close to their owners, and surprisingly Bengal cats love playing in the water.

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Russian blue

The Russian Blue breed is another recommended option for those allergic to cats. The kitty is quite elegant and charming, with a thick double coat that is short. But like the Bengal, the Russian Blue also produces little Fel d 1 protein, making it one of the best hypoallergenic cats. As for the personality of this feline, it is difficult not to be enchanted: they are calm and docile and get along with practically everyone - including other animals.

 Russian Blue cat

LaPerm cat

Many people also look for the LaPerm cat breed. They can have a long or short coat, but the good news is that they barely shed and are easy to live with. In addition to being extremely affectionate with their humans, the LaPerm is a super obedient kitten that can adapt very well to its environment. They thrive in all types of company, including children and the elderly. However, the breed must be socialized from when they are just kittens.

LaPerm cat

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