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Many people think cats work on their own agenda, not paying much attention to their owner – provided they have clean litter, food, and water. Cats can sometimes behave in odd manners, easily confusing their owners and making it hard to determine what the cat wants. As much as cat behavior can be confusing, there are some ways that you can solve common cat behavior mysteries.

Cat scratching sofa.

A typical behavior almost all cats do is push their heads into any object that will allow them to do it. Your pet probably did this, pushing its head against table legs, TV stands, or other objects. This can be noticed more when you have other people who own animals or those with allergies over at your house. When a cat notices this, it will rub its head against the person. It will put a touch of saliva on the individual because he owns what he puts his saliva on in a cat's mind.

Cat sleeping on laptop.

By putting its saliva on something, that object or person will have a familiar scent. Although this can be very annoying, you must understand that other people in your home are seen as odd or weird to your cat. When a cat does this, it tries to make the visitor belong. When it brushes up against them and puts its saliva on them, it is trying to put its scent on them – which in its mind will mean that they belong in its territory.

Cat licking humans hand.

Even though marking someone or something with saliva is beneficial to the cat, saliva is one of the most common forms of pet allergies. When someone wipes the saliva off them, the scent will be gone, and the cat will go back and attempt to do it again. Even though it may appear cats target those with allergies, cats are just trying to make the visitor belong at the house. If the guest cannot take the saliva, allow the cat to rub himself on their pants leg a few times. Usually, this is all it takes for a cat to leave the person alone.

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Those who have an indoor cat should expect the cat to spend quite a bit of time lying near windows. You may hear your cat make very strange noises or weird movements during this time. You shouldn't fear, though, as it acts out its hunting instincts. Whether it's another cat or an object moving outside, the cat will see it and turn on its native hunting instinct.

Cat looking at window.

As most already know, cats love to play, especially with toys. They will pounce on things on occasion, which should always be expected. If you try to prevent this type of behavior, your cat will take a very negative approach, and you'll end up with many broken things in your home. You can always play with your cat using a string, as it will love to chase the string around the room.  

Cat playing.

The longer you own a cat, the odder behavior you'll see it exhibit. Cats behave in strange ways, although they always have a reason for acting the way they do. If you understand why your cat behaves that way, you'll have no problem keeping it healthy and happy. If you pay attention to your cat and the way it behaves at times – you'll be able to understand it better than ever before.

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