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Cat dandruff is common among diabetic cats. A study shows this happens in 1 in 200 cats with diabetes mellitus (DM), and if you want your pet to get better, here are some things you can do.

Cat with dandruff.

The cause of this problem is associated with poor nutrition. So, instead of buying one of those generic cat food brands, maybe you should change it and go for a good quality one, even if it may cost a little more

Cat eating.

You can also use food supplements that contain fish oil which has proven to correct the dandruff problem. This may also come from canned tuna, rich in Omega 43 fatty acids, improving their hair in about a week. 

Cat being petted.

How can you tell your cat has a skincare problem? Pay attention to symptoms like an increase in their appetite, excessive thirst or urination, dehydration, depression, muscle wasting, lethargy, weight loss, and an unkempt hair coat that directly results from poor grooming. It gets worse when the cat displays weak rear legs. 

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Aside from a cat being diabetic, other risk factors include certain steroid injections, neutering, and old age. The cold weather could be another cause since it dries the cat’s skin. If your hunch is correct, you can fix this problem by buying a topical and oral treatment designed to treat dry skin.

Cat scratching.

Owners should also worry about allergies, which cause skin problems among cats. This may come from cleaners, pollen, food, and other sources. Since it is hard to pinpoint the exact cause, owners are advised to use only natural care products in cleaning the home. 

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Try to confine your cat indoors to prevent roaming outside. Studies have shown that sunburn kills the top layer of their skin, causing it to dry and flake off. Repeated sunburn may result in skin cancer. If you decide to let them, go outside, this should be done before 10 am and after 4 pm. 

Cat lying in the garden.

The cat should not be allowed to sleep near the fireplace during the winter as it also quickly dries out their skin. To keep them warm during the cold months, you should invest in a good humidifier. 

Another problem is fleas and ticks infestation. You can routinely check the cat's skin, pull them out and use powder to flush the rest. The hair should also be combed so this does not happen again. 

Cat with fleas.

If the cat’s skincare problem continues, it is best to bring it directly to the vet as over-the-counter medications, and parasite treatments that you have tried are not good enough to do the trick. Some of the symptoms associated with dandruff could be a skin disorder, and one of them is Cheyletiella which requires the help of a professional.

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Cat skincare problems like dandruff must be taken care of immediately before it gets worse. Proper hygiene, diet, and grooming are the best ways to keep it away. If household remedies don't work, you better get help. You want to determine the exact cause and get the proper treatment. 

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