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If you have a new puppy and are looking for the secret on how to train him into the well-behaved dog of your dreams, it is simple and easy: dog treats.

labrador puppy eating snack

All dog owners know training can be a slow and frustrating process, but they want to teach their dog some good behavior and maybe even some fun tricks. Dog owners often forget the key reason that encourages dogs and people to take action: motivation. Just like you need a little push to start exercising more or to get your house cleaned out, dogs need big enough reasons to make them want to stop wetting on your carpet or eating holes into all of your socks. Dog treats can be a sure way to motivate your precious pup to do almost anything you desire.

puppy with a sock in his mouth

Dog treats are an excellent puppy motivator for the obvious reason - they taste good. When dog treats are used as a special treat, they will make your dog do whatever you want, if it means getting a yummy treat. Can't you see how this is true? Imagine these two options in your own life. The first option allows you to eat as much ice cream as you want. The second option will enable you to enjoy ice cream only if you put in a full hour of working out. Now tell me, does the first option awaken motivation in you? Of course not. I want you to know that your dogs are no different than you, and that is why dog treats must be only given as a reward when performing well.

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For you, the dog owner, dog treats are great because they are relatively inexpensive. Before you rush off and spend a lot of money on a puppy obedience school, you should try to train your puppy for a considerable amount of time on your own. And use dog treats. Even if the process of training your puppy is frustrating, it will be better for you and your pup if they receive all of their training from you.

Little dog giving his paw to his owner

Whether teaching your pup how to sit down, roll over, or go potty outside, dog treats can be an essential training element. In no time, your dog will learn to love the reward of dog treats enough to obey every command you give it. Run to a local pet shop, pick up a box of dog treats and let the training process begin!

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