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If you have decided to adopt a pet, don't pick the first puppy dog eyes you see. It's challenging to look into the eyes of any pet and not instantly fall in love with them. The reality is that not all pets are equal, and care should be taken when deciding what type and breed of pet to choose.

Guy holding a little puppy

One of the most heart-rendering shows on TV is "Animal Precinct." This show deals with dogs and cats that their owners have abandoned. They may be kept in pens, homes, or chained outdoors in some cases. Fortunately, every day in this country, these animals are rescued and immediately taken to shelters where they are cared for and await adoption – hopefully.  

Woman holding shelter dog

Here are tips for adopting a pet from a shelter and questions which that should ask:

  • Does the shelter have a good reputation?
  • Is the shelter clean, and do the animals look as if they have been adequately cared for?
  • Where did the animal come from, did the owner bring the pet in, or was it rescued? If so, from where?
  • Does the pet exhibit any particular behavior you should be aware of?
  • Does the pet have any health problems, and what are the health conditions that the breed is most susceptible to?
  • Is the pet a mixed breed or pure-bred?
  • How old is the pet?
  • Does the pet get along with children, if applicable?
  • How much space does the pet require?
  • What are the costs for providing food, grooming, bedding, and veterinarian care?
  • Can the pet be left alone during the day?
  • Is the pet passive or aggressive?  
  • What type of interaction did the pet display with other animals?

You may remember the instance in which a famous talk show host had adopted a dog from a shelter and decided to give it to a family. According to the shelter's rules, she was prohibited from transferring the dog to another family. Thus, the dog was taken back to the shelter and subsequently adopted by another family. Most good shelters will ask many questions before allowing you to adopt a pet to ensure that you are sincere about the impending adoption as well as care,  protection of the animal and that your personality is evenly matched with the animal.  

two women talking and petting the dog

Sometimes, families who adopt pets from a shelter do so without giving it considerable thought and wind up returning the pet to the shelter. When children are involved, this can hurt them and the animal.

Little cute girl with her friend dog

It's essential that before you decide upon adopting an animal from a shelter, you weigh the pros and cons, discuss it with family members, and then go to a reputable top and choose a pet together as a family.

illustration of a dog shelter


Keep in mind while there are many shelters available, some have to maintain more animals than they can manage. The reality is if they are not adequately funded, they have no choice but to euthanize the older animals. Therefore, it is critical that you know what type of animal you prefer and saves them from living out their lives in a shelter where they are kept in cages and cannot receive the one-on-one attention they deserve.

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